Sports cars and Supercars Muscle Cars and Vintage Two-Doors and Hatchbacks Four-Door Sedans and Saloons SUVs/Crossovers, Pick-ups, and Vans Commercial/Industrial

Alpha                                Sabre GT                      Futo                                 Virgo                                    Rancher                                           Taxi

Beer                                 Sabre                            Sultan                              Greenwood                           Cavalcade                                         Cabby

Super GT                          Camaro                         Sultan RS                         NRG-200                              Cavalcade FXT                                  Cabbie

Comet                              Camaro SS                    Glendale                           Serrano                                Rancher Pickup                                Hotrina

Chavos                             Dukes                            Blade                               Merit                                    Landstalker                                      Hotrinb

Buffalo                              Regent                           Espace                            Merit SW (Station wagon)      Landstalker LXT                               Packer

Turismo                            Regina                           Dukes RS                         Contender                            Bobcat                                            Forklift

Redsed Super Car             Peyote                           Mercedes SL500               Opel Astra                           Minivan                                            Flatbed                  

ZR-350                                                                                                          Crossover                            Speddo


Emergency Public Service Bikes Cyles and Scooter  Boats Aircraft

FBI Futo        Brown Streak     NRG-500                            Jetmax       Maverick

FBI Rancher   Freight              NRG-900                            Dinghy       Hunter

FBI Jeep        News Van          BMX                                  Reefer        Rustler

Ambulance    Lego Subway      Bike                                  Tropic

Police Maverick                    Hill Bike                          Ocean Liner

Enforcer        Elegy Safety Car      Faggio                     Viking Ship

Police Merit   Blade Safety Car      Toy Scooter

Police Blade  Merit Safety Car

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